I have worked in the 3D Experience Design world professionally for over 11 years. This has given me the skillsets to develop virtually anything, from concept to reality. My work has focused heavily on the intersection of physical & digital. 
My experiences include, but aren't limited to: 
Interactive Retail Marketing, Digital Signage, Future Elevator Interfaces, Amphibious Robotics, Consumer Hardware, Injection Molding, Conceptual Prototypes, Concept Cars, Concept Sketches, Concept Renders, Digital App Mockups, Kinetic / Robotic Sculptures, Heads Up Display UX Design for Automotive, Mobile UX Design, Bespoke Projection Mapping, Desktop UX Design, Speculative Design, 10+ year lifespan Physical Museum Interactives, Intelligent Office Furniture, Human Network Enabling Coffee Machines, Transportation Design Concepts and Prototypes, Design for Manufacture, Design for Assembly, Design for Security, Design for Disassembly, Design for ADA Accessibility, Design for Governments, Design for Animals, Portable Refrigeration Prototyping for Developing Countries, International Design Sprint Workshops w/ Various Cultures, Interactive Museum Kiosks, Multi-purpose Vaporizers for Cannabis Patients, and more.

I am currently working with Apple full time as an Art Director on the 3DVM team, within Marcom.
Thank you! I'll be in touch shortly.
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