DIA - Interactive Chinese Hand Scroll
In the gallery for Chinese art, the Chinese Handscroll is a novel mechanical interface which simulates the act of unrolling a scroll in order to move through and learn about moments within Wang Wen’s scroll painting from the DIA collection, View from the Keyin Pavilion on Paradise (Baojie) Mountain. Chinese paintings were records of dynamic and ongoing exchanges between generations of artists and viewers. This interactive scroll not only allows visitors to view the entire piece digitally, but through physical interactions, visitors can participate in a scroll viewing in ways that were previously not possible in museum settings. This includes a moment at the end where visitors can choose a custom-designed digital stamp and mark the scroll—a tradition that would normally only be done by art collectors, friends of the artist, or the artists themselves.

My role on this interactive project was leading Industrial Design, Fabrication, Production & Tech Integration. The project duration from sketch to install was about 4 months. 
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