Masquerade is a paradigm shift in how people meet each other and interact. 

The Masquerade user isn't interested in passively surveying social media to see what their friends are doing.

They want to engage.

They want to roam and have new, potentially life changing experiences.

They want to control their life, and not waste a minute of it wishing they were somewhere else.

Knowing where the adventures are is key to controlling and engaging with your true destiny.. as long as how you get there is completely anonymous. 

Masquerade is the answer.

Masquerade users have no identity, because they don't need to be identified. 
Masquerade Conceptual Map - Showcases how the Masquerade app works, at a high level. The outlined purple areas represent "hot spots" of activity. The gold dots represent actual active users.. Only represented anonymously. 
Masquerade Branding Exploration
Masquerade Branding - Possible Evolutions
Masquerade App UI - Left to right
Masquerade - Business Owner Dashboard - This is what the business owner sees on their end, using a desktop. Masquerade can provide powerful visitor data to help tailor business marketing efforts. 
Masquerade T-Shirt Design
Masquerade Business Card Design
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