Toyota’s Concept-i is a groundbreaking vehicle that highlights the critical importance of user experience in the development of highly automated vehicles. Concept-i debuted at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tellart collaborated with Toyota’s CALTY Design Research team and the Institute for Creative Integration for eighteen months leading up to the launch, prototyping new energetic and immersive user experiences for the automated vehicle. Tellart, along with automotive model experts PHIARO inc., built two full scale prototypes to represent CALTY’s overall design intention for Concept-i.

We built a custom story engine which integrated interactive audio, video, lighting and robotics systems in the the physical design of the model. These integrations delivered a narrative experience bringing the model to life and connecting audiences to a future vision. The prototypes included advanced user interface elements such as augmented overlays on the dashboard, an innovative robotic/tactile center console, and a new type of body panel which allows graphics to be displayed across the surface like dynamic paint.

This next-generation user interface served as a platform for the vehicles artificial intelligence agent that was nicknamed “Yui.” About more than just driving patterns and schedules, Toyota’s concept leverages multiple technologies to measure emotion, mapped against where and when the driver travels around the world. The combination gives Concept-i exceptional ability to use mobility to improve quality of life.

The end product offered audiences an entirely new context and experience of an ongoing relationship between a human’s daily life and an intelligent object. Since the launch of Concept-i the automated vehicle was awarded numerous “Best of CES” awards by publications including Mashable, Wired, and CNN. It was also featured in Fast Company, The Verge, Ars Technica, Engadget, Dezeen, and Business Insider. In addition to PHIARO Inc., Tellart also worked with animation studio Big Block LA and musical composer Bryan Senti on the prototypes.

The following is a series of images showing the long arc of development, bringing Concept-i to life.

This was a 2 year development, spanning 2 different concept models.

With much of this project still under wraps, here is what I can share:


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